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End Violence Against Women International

To change our response to gender-based violence, EVAWI focuses on connecting professionals and strengthening the community’s response system. We bring together the many diverse professionals who respond to victims of violence against women — to communicate, share, learn — and ultimately to strengthen the whole system by better understanding each component. All of this collaborative work is focused on creating a more compassionate response for the victim, a more aggressive prosecution of the perpetrator, and a more secure environment for communities everywhere.

EVAWI provides a wealth of expertise, resources and tools in this area. We also offer numerous opportunities for collaborative learning for professionals who work in -- or interface with -- the criminal justice response system. These include:

International conferences held each year, to connect and educate professional responders—with a unique focus on multidisciplinary collaboration

Expert consultation on best practice and an international model of response

Original training curricula and resource materials—in print and online

Distribution of key research on gender-based violence and best practice for responses

Media and public awareness campaigns to underscore how every citizen plays a role in—and benefits from—improved responses

Strategic partnerships with other organizations in pursuit of our shared vision

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EVAWI is dedicated to inspiring and educating those who respond to gender-based violence.

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