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Post-Conference Details
Chicago, IL
April 2, 2018

Cost:  $150

Registration for the Pre-Conference includes 1 full day of training with leading national experts and electronic training materials


Refunds & Cancellation: As this training is already provided at a discounted rate, no refunds will be given.

Continuing Education: 7.25 contact hours available for this Pre-Conference Session. We are approved for nurses and for social workers and victim advocates. For more information please see the continuing education tab on the conference page. 

Online Registration: Our preferred method for conference registrations is our online format. Online registration allows you to register regardless of your method of payment (credit card or check). If for some reason you are unable to register online, you may download the pre-conference manual registration form.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

As anyone who has led an informational session or training program on the subject of sexual violence knows, there are recurring themes in how and why audiences resist the topic. No one wants to believe that sexual assault is as widespread as it is, and people often have a hard time understanding common dynamics (e.g., most victims and perpetrators know each other, alcohol and drugs are often involved, physical violence is rare, and false reporting is not the norm). Resistance is therefore understandable, but it can be frustrating for the presenter and interfere with key messages. It can even derail a program if it is not handled appropriately.

This intensive training will prepare professionals to respond effectively. The full-day pre-conference will incorporate the expertise of three practitioners who collectively possess over 70 years in the field of sexual assault prevention and education. Dr. Kim Lonsway, Heather Imrie, and Dr. Gail Stern have designed and delivered programs to a wide range of populations, including law enforcement, health care providers, victim advocates, military audiences, student athletes, and the staff and students at colleges and universities.

As diverse as these populations are, the ways in which they resist factual information about sexual violence often have striking similarities. Once these are identified, it becomes easier for the presenter to shift the conversation from blaming the victim to holding the perpetrator accountable.
Heather Imrie, MEd, Program Development Director, Catharsis Productions, Chicago, IL
Kimberly A. Lonsway, PhD, Director of Research, EVAWI, San Luis Obispo, CA
Gail Stern, PhD, Chief Visionary Officer, Catharsis Productions, Chicago, IL
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