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Rachael Frost
Murrieta, CA
Rachael Frost is the Program Coordinator and Developer for the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department Domestic Violence Threat Management team.  Investigator Frost has testified as an expert witness in numerous cases regarding domestic violence, sexual assault, strangulation and stalking. She has received and provided thousands of hours of training in domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, strangulation, restraining orders, sexual assault, child abuse, and threat assessment and management.  She is currently working to enhance the Riverside County multi-disciplinary Threat Management Teams which provide multi-disciplinary threat assessment and management of those at risk of committing targeted violence.  These teams include local law enforcement, mental health professionals, prosecutors, educators, and more.  Together, they are developing a comprehensive response plan for mass violence that can be applied across all jurisdictions.

Investigator Frost also writes grant applications for the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, focusing on program sustainability and team development in the areas of domestic violence, sexual assault, and threat management investigation.  

Investigator Frost is an active member of several professional organizations including the Law Enforcement Committee for the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals, the California Homicide Investigators Association, and the California Sexual Assault Investigators Association.  She is the Chief Financial Officer for Kids Court, which aims to reduce the trauma of child witnesses and victims exposed to the court system.  
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