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Survivor Tribute
Celebrating Courage and Healing
Here at EVAWI, we work hard to achieve our vision of a world where survivors receive the compassion, support, and justice they deserve.  But we need your help.  

We have created a virtual “Wall of Tribute” for the millions of victims of sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and stalking and we invite you to honor their spirit of survival by purchasing a brick.  All the proceeds will go toward a scholarship fund, for survivors to attend our annual international conferences on sexual assault, domestic violence, and other forms of gender- based violence. Our goal is to ensure that survivors who have the courage to come forward and reach out for help, receive the competent and compassionate professional response they deserve.  Please join us in this heartfelt tribute and help build the momentum for positive change.

This virtual wall symbolizes the wall of support we can create in honor of survivors -- the wall of protection we want to create not only for the survivors themselves, but also for their loved ones, because they are all profoundly changed by the far-reaching impact of gender-based violence.

The wall will be built, brick by brick, with donations from those of us inspired by the spirit of survival and triumph we witness every day.  We see survivors who manage not only to recover from the devastating impact of violence but who strive to flourish, and even to reach out and help others.  It is that spirit that inspires us every day, to work harder, and achieve more gains on behalf of survivors.

With each brick added to the wall, we honor this spirit of survival, healing, and empowerment.  More important, each brick represents another step toward continuing our efforts to better meet the needs of survivors.  All of the proceeds from this wall will go toward scholarships for survivors to attend EVAWI's Annual Conference.
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Dave & Julie Cohen Kim Kelly Anonymous Tamerie Shriver Christina Swain RN BSN FN-CSA Alsah Bundi
Anne Munch Molly M. Summer B. Rogers Megan L. Alstatt Jenn Davis Nielsen
Jennifer Y. Levy-Peck, PhD Marcie Thomas Christine C Gerow Chris & Rachell E. Holly M. Bierbaum Mathis Shirley Paceley
Melissa Eskew Jackie Elster Psy.D. The You Have Options Program Barbara E Anderson Stephanie Hanson
Deb Wheelis, RN Christina Swain RN BSN, FN-CSA Rebecca Campbell Liz Donegan Jon Krakauer Karen D. Carroll RN SANE-A SANE-P NY-SAFE
Sonia Meneses Michelle Lusson Shannon May Dallas Smales Anonymous
Elizabeth Stephanie Watson
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