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Empathy Based Suspect Interviewing Webinar – Part 2
Thursday, October 31st, 2019
9:00 AM PT/10:00 AM MT/11:00 AM CT/12:00 PM ET

This webinar is approximately 90 minutes long.

Course Description

This webinar will dive into the history of suspect interview techniques in the United States and the motivation behind the development of confrontational interviews. The presenters will discuss how empathy can enhance a sexual violence suspect’s willingness to talk in an interview, resulting in enhanced potential for confession and increased opportunity for corroboration and leads. Participants will learn about the benefits of using a “soft” interview room and look at the research behind current use of empathy-based suspect interviews. Participants will also learn about a prosecutor-specific strategy for suspect interviews that requires suspects to “flip their perspective” about an event and answer questions from the victim’s view. These unexpected questions then lay the foundation for the development of a successful cross-examination at trial.


As a result of this webinar, participants will be better able to:

  • Demonstrate empathy and how that can be conducive in sexual assault suspect interview.
  • Develop interview themes that increase the likelihood a suspect will talk to an investigator.
  • Recognize why having a conversation is much more successful than a confrontational interview in soliciting confession.
  • Develop “perspective-flipping” questions with a prosecutor to lay a foundation for a successful cross-examination at trial.



Mike Milnor PictureMike Milnor
Chief of Police (Ret.), Consultant, Co-Founder, Justice3D, Long Island, VA

Mike Milnor served in law enforcement for 36 years until he retired from his position as Chief of Police for Alta Vista, Virginia in July 2018. Throughout his career, he worked in various positions including Interim Sherriff, Director of Public Safety, Coordinator of an FBI/Virginia State Police multi-jurisdictional task force, Senior Supervisory Investigator, uniformed Deputy Sheriff and Polygraph Examiner.

In addition to being involved in thousands of investigations, Chief Milnor has extensive experience teaching criminal justice professionals with an emphasis on sexual assault, child abuse, elder abuse and domestic violence as well as being a Professor of Criminal Justice at Liberty University. Chief Milnor also contributed to the development of Virginia's Model Law Enforcement Policy on Sexual Assault Investigation. In 2016, Chief Milnor was selected to join the core faculty of the National Center for Campus Public Safety which allows him the opportunity to instruct at colleges and universities across the country in the areas of sexual assault investigation, Title IX compliance, and campus violence.

In 2016, Chief Milnor cofounded Justice 3D, a company that offers national training and consulting to allied professionals on child abuse, domestic violence and sexual assault.

Nancy Oglesby, JDNancy Oglesby, JD
Consultant, Co-Founder, Justice3D, Richmond, VA

Nancy Oglesby has been a career prosecutor in the Commonwealth of Virginia for over 20 years and is currently the statewide Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Resource Prosecutor. Ms. Oglesby has handled thousands of domestic violence, child abuse and sexual assault cases. In addition, she has provided training on these issues to many professionals including prosecutors, law enforcement officers, advocates, medical professionals and forensic interviewers. She has been appointed by four Virginia Governors to statewide advisory boards, commissions and task forces devoted to combatting domestic and sexual violence. Ms. Oglesby also served a key role in the development of the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services' model law enforcement policies related to domestic and sexual violence.

In 2011, Ms. Oglesby was chosen by the Virginia Association of Commonwealth's Attorneys to receive the Virginia S. Duvall Distinguished Juvenile and Domestic Court Prosecutor Award. She was recognized in 2012 as the Outstanding Woman of the Year in the area of Law and Government by the Richmond YWCA. In 2015, Ms. Oglesby cofounded Justice 3D, a company that offers national training to allied professionals on issues of child abuse, domestic violence and sexual assault.

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