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Linda Rinaldi, Esquire
Linda Rinaldi retired from the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice as a Deputy Attorney General after more than 25 years of law enforcement service.  Ms. Rinaldi was an appellate prosecutor in state and federal court in cases involving major crime, such as kidnapping, sexual assault and arson. She handled numerous murder cases where the defenses of insanity or diminished were offered to the jury, and represented New Jersey in three capital appeals.  She authored the Sexual Offense and Offenders and the Sixth Amendment sections of The New Jersey Criminal Law Digest, 2001 ed.  Ms. Rinaldi also assisted in victim notification of ongoing developments in appeals of homicide convictions, and accompanied victim family members to appellate arguments to answer any questions about the appellate process.

Ms. Rinaldi also coordinated and oversaw all aspects of New Jersey Statewide Sexual Assault Response Team/Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SART/SANE) Program, and assisted all 21 county prosecutor offices in getting their programs up and running, including integrating each county rape care advocacy program in the SART program. Ms. Rinaldi was a member of the Governor’s Advisory Council Against Sexual Violence, and developed the Attorney General Guidelines for Providing Services to Victims of Sexual Assault (2d ed. 2004) to ensure uniform statewide treatment of sexual assault victims.  She also implemented and led the Attorney General SART/SANE Coordinating Council.  Ms. Rinaldi worked with the New Jersey State Police Lab on evidence collection issues in sexual assault cases, including development of the sexual assault evidence collection kit and drug facilitated sexual assault evidence collection kit.  In addition, Ms. Rinaldi worked with the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) in developing the New Jersey portion of “SARTs at Work,” a video which is part of NSVRC’s National Toolkit (http://ovc.ncjrs.gov/sartkit). Ms. Rinaldi also developed a partnership with the New Jersey Sex Crimes Officers Association and co-partnered with the Association on its annual conference to include topics involving forensic nursing so law enforcement officers could learn the SANE’s role in investigation of sex crimes and SANEs could learn the realities of sex crime investigation from the law enforcement point of view.

In 2004, Ms. Rinaldi successfully wrote a grant application for $420,000 in federal funds to establish and implement New Jersey’s first Statewide Human Trafficking Task Force.  The purpose of the grant was to train law enforcement officers on recognizing victims of human trafficking, on understanding why victims do not self-identify, and how and why their “handlers” keep their victims’ “in line.”  To that end, Ms. Rinaldi developed training curricula, as well as trained, law enforcement officers.  In addition, she developed relationships with state and federal agencies, as well as non-governmental organizations, to develop policies and protocols for organized multi-disciplinary response to rescue and assist victims of human trafficking.
Ms. Rinaldi also was a trial prosecutor with the Division of Criminal Justice in its Medicaid Fraud Control Unit.  She prosecuted complex criminal cases against Medicaid providers, such as dentists, pharmacists, and home health agencies, of Medicaid Fraud and Health Care Claims Fraud.  She was also the Lead Attorney for the Patient Protection Unit within the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit, where she prosecuted cases of elder abuse, including financial exploitation and sexual assault. Ms. Rinaldi was the liaison to the New Jersey Senior Medicare Patrol, and lectured to senior groups on trends in Medicaid and Medicare fraud, recognizing signs of physical and sexual abuse and how to protect themselves against financial exploitation.

Currently, Ms. Rinaldi is an Adjunct Professor at Wilmington University in the graduate Administration of Justice program where she teaches Mental Health & the Law, Ethics, White Collar Crime, Managing Diversity and Victimology.  She is a member of the Board of Directors of B.E.S.T.-Building Empowerment to Stop Trafficking and is a certified life coach in Anti-Human Trafficking and has coached victims of human trafficking and prostitution.  Ms. Rinaldi also instructs health care professional students, including medical students, residents, physician assistants, advance practice nurses and midwives, on doing women’s health exams in a patient- and victim-centered fashion which will encourage women to return regularly for these exams so life-threatening diseases can be detected and treated in the earliest stages.
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